Winter is coming!


Brr! Winter is sadly well and truly on its way! Here in Girona, we tend to get a little soft when it comes to the weather, as for the majority of the year we are blessed with pretty perfect conditions for riding. Over the past few weeks, it has certainly started to cool off as December and winter approaches. Although very mild in comparison to many places throughout Europe, it has still been quite the shock to the system! Our visitors and friends from different countries often come across to Girona during this time and don´t quite understand why we´re complaining. I guess we have it pretty good, as the skies are still blue & the sun still shines, the roads are exceptionally quiet and plenty of keen, smiling cyclists still rock up for shop ride each week!

Thanks to everyone for keeping the mood high and the ride full of chat, albeit the slightly cool morning. We had a very friendly group of people turn up for another fantastic Thursday pedal. Special thanks to Des, Anna and Josep for taking over shop ride duties. You´re the best!

To warm the legs up promptly, Des set a solid tempo out of town and the pace was on soon after through the Canet dÁdri rolling hills. By then, our regular coffee stop was certainly earnt!

Following a nice breather and a hot drink, we split into separate groups, with the majority of riders heading over Bonmati on a steady, undulating 60km loop. Six riders up for a challenge, carried on for a solid 90km ride to make for a big day out – that post ride burger and beer at Federal Cafe was well deserved!


If you are in town, be sure to stop by the Bike Breaks Boutique (opposite Bike Breaks). As the cold weather has arrived, it may be time to restock the cycling closet and treat yourself to some warm gear. We have plenty in stock, including a wide selection of pro kits, brand new Cannondale pro cycling team apparel + accessories and our own line of Bike Breaks & Girona Cycling Festival clothing.

You can also shop online, via our online shop here:

Thanks again, all and hope to see you back for more action next week!

  • To see photos from today´s ride, head here: ALBUM

Until next time,

Bike Breaks


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