We often get asked “where are the best roads in Girona?”, “where are the best climbs in Girona?”, “Where to ride in Girona?”, so I have set out some of my favourite rides and cycling experiences in Girona including popular options as well as some of the hidden gems that are off the beaten track.Girona has been described as a “theme park for cyclists”, which is a great way to describe the area. A dizzying selection of roads and tracks laid out over a countryside that includes Pyrenees mountains as well as Mediterranean coastline. So where to begin ? We set out some of the best rides from the city itself for all levels so that riders can explore the area and hit the good stuff first time and try to take some of the guesswork out of planning your trip. A little bit of local knowledge can go a long way into turning a good trip into an amazing and memorable one. Girona is a destination that can be tricky to plan for as the number of options are huge, it’s possible to be on a good road 300m from an amazing road and never know that it was there.If you have not selected your accomodation have a look at our guide for Bike friendly hotels for cyclists in Girona !

After planning rides in the Girona area for 20 years, I pitch my rides for visiting cyclists, so while challenging and sometimes technical I avoid the busy roads wherever possible and try to keep things scenic and incorporate some interesting coffee and food stops that capture the unique culture of Catalunya and the Girona area. We aim to provide a complete resource for planning cycling trips and cycling holidays in the Girona area.