The New Normal

New COVID-19 situation june 2020

Here’s some useful information if you are able to make it for some cycling in Girona this season.

After what has been a difficult and uncertain time here in Girona with one of the strongest lockdowns anywhere in the world, restrictions have been relaxed and the Spanish and Catalan Governments have set out the rules for the “New normal” so things can be opened up.

It can be difficult for people travelling here to know what to expect or if there is some relevant information they should be aware of.

As well as offering new rides, discounts and services we have set out here the plan for the “New Normal” and what we will do to help and make things as easy and safe as possible for our visitors.

Here in Girona we are almost back to normal, so you can expect:

  • Shops and restaurants for food and supplies are open as normal with some restrictions on seating and capacity.
  • Bars and coffee shops also open but you will need a mask to enter, but not for the terrace.
  • Public transport and taxis are running though with some changes to the timetables.
  • Hotels are open
  • Beaches and beach bars are open.
covid-19 empty beach spain

Some new restrictions and rules apply and are enforced !

  • You must wear a mask where a 1.5 meter distance cannot be maintained. We provide masks and gloves for free to all our clients.
  • Hand sanitizer is required to enter shops and restaurants and is proved in most places for free.

For cycling:

  • You can cycle where and when you like with no restrictions
  • You can ride in groups.

We recommend:

  • Take a mask with you when you ride in case you need to enter a bar or cafe.
  • Bring your own helmet and water bottles with you.

At Bike Breaks we keep our shop and materials hygienically cleaned on a daily basis, water bottles and helmets are washed every day. Do feel free to bring your own if you feel more comfortable with that.

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