The Best 5 Rides In Girona

I have lived in Girona for 20 years and have been planning cycling routes and trips here for over 15 years.  I am still finding new places to ride in Girona and new roads even after all this time.

Girona is a slightly more complicated place to ride than some of the other popular cycling destinations with more roads to choose from and to get to the good stuff a little bit of planning goes a long way.

1: The classic Girona Els Angles loop Les Gavarres

Well  known and online with many names,  super easy to find and navigate this is the local Girona hill. An intermediate ride of 60km with around 900m of climb. This ride is accessible for most riders and is a great representation of the type of riding that the Girona area has to offer.

A very beautiful ride passing twice over the Les Gavarres mountain nature reserve and through the county of Baix Emporda through several small quiet medieval villages. There are many versions of this popular loop out there but this is mine.  I do it anti clockwise so finish with the 14km descent into Girona.

We have this route available as a GPX and also a printed route book.

2: Sant Hilari

Another classic Girona ride, the 100km loop into the Guilleries mountains to the west of the city.

The village of Sant Hilari is located at 900m altitude in forest cover mountains. The ride includes a 26km climb up to the village itself where there are many coffee or well earned lunch opportunities.

We also have this ride available with an extra passing the Pantà Susqueda dam, a 150m Cupola dam high in the mountains with a short but steep (18% ) climb linking it to the Sant Hilari road. GPX TRACK.

3: Vall d’En Bac

Less well known but very challenging is this 177km loop with just under 3000m of climb. I always wonder why they even bothered putting a surface on this road? it really is a deserted stretch of road winding up and down on the edge of the Pyrenees. GPX TRACK.

4: Coast Sant Grau

Very well known and very popular but with good reason. This is the ride that Girona should be famous for.

The ride is an intermediate loop of around 100km using as many back roads a possible to get you to one of the most beautiful stretches of road I have ever seen anywhere in the world. On one side cliffs drop down to the aquamarine  Mediterranean sea with little coves and secluded beaches and on the other is green forest covered mountains.

Local riders ride this loop very regularly and you just can’t go wrong but to ride this one. If I had one day in Girona this without a doubt would be the ride I would do. GPX TRACK.

5: La Barroca gravel

I have sneaked a gravel loop in here, Gravel riding may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it really does make a lot of sense here in Girona.  Most of the surfaced roads here are old farm access roads that once were gravel tracks that have been surfaced, the number of trails that have not been surfaced far exceeds those that have. This means that we have literally thousands of kilometres of trails kris crossing the area. Away from cars they allow cyclists to explore the countryside and mountains and add yet another dimension to that area.

My gravel rides in Girona are low in terms of technical difficulty and I use them to link up amazing back roads, so all have some road and some trail in them.  Hardcore gravel purists will not be disappointed as this is only scratching the surface of what is here in Girona, but I would encourage all cyclists visiting Girona to give the gravel a try. GPX TRACK.


4 thoughts on “The Best 5 Rides In Girona

  1. Julie Zintsmaster says:

    ¡Saludos! Estamos pensando en mudarnos a Girona desde Colorado. Estamos planeando un viaje en diciembre o enero. ¿Cuál mes sería el mejor clima con menos lluvia?
    Avid ciclistas !! ¡Gracias! Julie y Tom Z.

    • Júlia CM says:

      ¡Hola Julie!

      ¡Suena genial! La verdad es que no hay mucha diferencia entre el clima de diciembre y enero. Quizás enero sea (¡normalmente!) un poco más seco.

      Espero haberte ayudado 🙂


  2. Martí Llop says:

    Bon dia! M’agradaria formar part d’algún club ciclista per la Provincia de Girona. Tinc 25 anys i surto quasi diàriament a fer bici de carretera, tirades llargues el cap de setmana.

    Qualsevol informació seria benvinguda!

    Moltes gràcies,

    Martí Llop

    • Júlia CM says:

      Bon dia Martí!

      Nosaltres, com a club, fem trobades socials els dijous. Cada dijous fem una Shop Ride a les 10h del matí des de la nostra botiga.
      És oberta i gratuïta per tothom, així que ets benvingut sempre que vulguis!
      Si no també hi ha el club de triató del GEIEG on s’hi fan sortides molt sovint 🙂



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