Summer rides in Girona

As the temperature rises and the summer is now well under way the size of the groups goes down and the relaxation level goes up.
After arriving at the coffee stop no one was in any hurry to leave, and we have no problem with that.
After we did eventually leave we rode the now famous and traditional Bike Breaks Medium loop and back in time for Burgers at the Federal Cafe.
Many thanks to all who came along and we Hope you make it back to Girona soon, Dave is already working on the next loop for you.

This is the link to the strava for this ride.

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4 thoughts on “Summer rides in Girona

    • Júlia CM says:

      Hi Red Cyclist! The route that day covered around 60 miles, it isn’t timed. This is a Shop Ride that we organise every Thursday at Bike Breaks.
      Every time we go to different places around Girona and everybody can join for free ?

      You are more than welcome to come!

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