Spring spinning

Spring is certainly here in G town. SO nice! Today was another day to whip out the bare legs and ditch the warmers. At this rate we´ll all be off to the beach next week…

Thanks to all who showed up for another stunner. Love the company!

Today we had a nice mix of varying levels so after our regroup and coffee pit stop we split into three groups. Solid day out for our long distance goers, venturing out over the challenging Sant Hilari climb for a big day out. So that post ride Federal burger and beer was definitely earned!

We´ve now created a shop ride event (in English and Catalan) so you can share with your friends and family who may be interested in coming along to join us. We want everyone to feel welcome…locals, regular Gironians and visitors so please spread the word.

If you have any suggestions or feedback from our shop ride, also please don´t hesitate to let us know. Send us an email or come by the shop.

Cheers everyone – have a great weekend!

Bike Breaks


P.S Check out our sweet GoPro snaps on FB. Thanks for smiling for the camera 🙂





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