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Today was a beautiful sunny morning in Girona, after a few weeks of intense heat today was a few degrees cooler and it made it for a more enjoyable ride!

We had a very big group of riders this morning, it is nice to see people that were visiting us the previous years and are coming back like our friends Matti Kinnunen (Matt Finnish) and JeanPaul Colback.

As usual we were all looking forward for the first hill of the day, we always sprint at the top of the climb and the effort continues all the way down until the coffee stop. Local guys Dave, Marti, Roman and Peter took charge and they dropped everyone else! Cheynna Sutherland was flying today and was the fastest woman.

We charged energies at our favorite local cafeteria with good coffee and cold drinks and we were ready to continue. Dave was leading the peloton (as always!) at a very nice pace, keeping a smooth rhythm and the peloton was compact until we reached the next climb of the day.

Nobody really attacked up the hill, but we did have some fun in the technical decent!

After that we stopped for water and headed to the last uphill effort of the day, things were calmed until Olympic Silver medalist Katie Henderson attacked and set Cheynna in a perfect position to win the sprint at the top! (like I said before, Cheynna was flying today).

The action didn’t end there, Dave took charge on the decent and even though some riders tried to attack him he kept his own tempo and delivered Club Ciclista Bike Breaks riders to the sprint at the bottom were Cheynna was once again the fastest!

We have a Shop Ride every Thursday morning at 10am, if you want to be part of the action you should come and join us!

We also have a slower group behind for those who are not keen to race!

Click here for more info for the Girona cycling festival in June 2017…

And here for the pics of today’s ride….. please feel free to tag yourselves in…

Relive today’s ride here!

One thought on “Shop Ride!

  1. Rupert hessian says:

    Dave, saskia

    Really enjoyed ride on Thursday, many thanks for continuing with allowing any old passer by to join in.

    Amazing roads, wonderful people, awesome weather.

    See you next week for my last summer ride as I’m off back to London on the 22 nd



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