Why you should rent our bikes and avoid travelling with your own!

  • Save the hassle of packing your bike! It may sound easier than it looks…well everyone does it, right? Wrong. To pack your bike safely and avoid damage it takes some time and commitment to do it correctly and for most of us travelling with a cardboard bike box, this means a lot of dissembling parts. It can be made easy If you do it regularly, have had practice and access to the right tools, but will almost always take time.


  • This also means sourcing a cardboard bike box or spending money on a suitable bike bag or box. Unfortunately, these aren´t cheap!


  • Physical travel – We all know how stressful travel can be…add a bike and sorry to say but your day is going to be a lot more exhausting. Physically having to haul it round with your luggage and almost always needing to purchase an airport trolley. Not ideal!


  • At the airport – Weight and dimension restrictions are often a worry; is the box too big or will it be overweight? Expect to be pinged with some sort of additional fee either way! Then there is the bike fee itself…most airlines seem to be quite anty sports equipment and in particular bikes. Doesn´t really make sense does it when all we are really trying to do is help the environment and be healthy 😉 . Some airlines allow your bike to be included as regular luggage, however most will charge an additional hefty sport equipment fee. Sometimes this leaves us wondering why we didn´t just purchase another seat on the plane for the bike?! Oh, if only. Then there are those very cheeky airlines that decide they will charge you per kilo for excess weight. So, add your bike weight to your standard luggage and boom you´re already in for an expensive trip!


  • So, that´s probably enough negatives but you get the jist. At the end of the day, expensive or not, it is stressful to travel with a bike and we can help with avoiding that!




  • Hire a top of the line Cannondale bike from us: road, gravel, hyrbrid and electric available and all at very reasonable prices.


  • Hire per day or for multiple days (each additional day at a discounted rate).


  •  Bring your measurements along and we will get your rental bike dialled into the same position as your setup at home, to have you feeling as comfortable as possible from the get go.


  • Our bikes are all new for 2017 and are no joke. They feel great to ride so now is the perfect opportunity to ride in style and feel great on the Girona roads.


  • If you are a road rider, you will also have the opportunity to go the extra mile and try out our Knight Composite carbon wheels for just a small additional fee per day of hire. These wheels are amazing to ride and will have you flying up the Girona climbs and speeding across the flats. Bliss!


So there you have it – we will leave it up to you now. Our bikes are here waiting and smiling for your arrival but we promise to still accept you If you decide to bring your own. See you on the Girona roads soon!

For more information on BIKE HIRE and booking one of our bikes, head across to our website:


Interested in joining us on one of our all organised bike tours exploring this incredible region? Head here:


& last but not least, why not join us in June for the Girona Cycling Festival – a full week of cycling madness including 3 events and a list long of social gatherings. This will be the fourth edition and it´s shaping up to be the best yet! What better reason to come ride bikes in Girona 🙂


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