Ready for 2021

I am sure we can all agree that 2020 was a year best put behind us.
An extremely difficult year for so many people, filled with tragedy, upheaval and loss.

The tourism industry -Bike Breaks included – has been decimated and we have lost the entire and vital Spring, Summer and  Autumn season. In the end we were forced to sell off our entire fleet of rental bikes and liquidate a large portion of our stock just to keep the lights on and maintain our shop here in Girona.

Many of our clients were unable to visit and we have made an ongoing commitment to rebook and refund as soon as we are able to do so. We stand by this commitment.
We are beyond grateful for the support we have received and the understanding that people have shown towards us. We are as many of you know, a small family run business and as such have found survival a struggle as of course have huge numbers of other businesses all over the world. Although we did not expect it, we have not received any aid whatsoever from the Spanish government – it simply is not available, unlike the situation in the UK, Canada and the USA, where the authorities have many programs to assist individuals and businesses. Despite this , we feel fortunate to have got this far, down in no small part to the support and understanding of our clients, suppliers, landlord, friends and the incredible dedication of our staff.

Of course the Covid crisis is not yet over and we are currently in the middle of the third wave across much of Europe and indeed the world.
However a vaccination has been developed and is being administered as fast as it can possibly be done and we are all hopeful that this will at least be the start of more normal times.

We have spoken to  many people from all across the world who are desperate to get to Girona and get out on their bikes. We want to be ready for this  to help as much as we can to make sure the next cycling trip is the best one, we have all waited long enough after all !

To this end we will be doing our best to keep our clients updated concerning the situation locally here in Girona with respect to Covid, the associated restrictions and any travel issues as well. We will be publishing a blog every 2 weeks on our website providing information regarding the updated situation here in Girona.

If you have any questions or need any help or advice  please get in touch we will do whatever we can to help.

We are preparing for 2021 in the hope that things will  improve sufficiently for riders to return:

1. We have new bikes from Cannondale that will begin to arrive from February so watch out for the videos of the unboxing.
2. We have planned new routes and rides including some bike packing options, all bookable from our website with gpx files available to download.
We have expanded our where to stay in Girona guide with new hotels and recommendations.
We have scheduled the Festival for June and registrations are open now. We aim to run the festival within he allowed restrictions.

We are cautiously optimistic for the future and that we can provide the same awesome Girona cycling experience that keeps people coming back year after year.

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