Well, today the weather god´s decided to let loose in Girona approximately ten minutes prior to our Thursday shop ride. Ouch! Us fair weather riders were not impressed, all kitted up at Bike Breaks and ready to go…

At that stage we already had a group of keen beans ready to roll, so we decided to sit it out in the shop for a bit and wait for it to clear a little. There´s nothing worse than not being able to ride when you are ready to go and we would have hated to disappoint our Thursday shop riders!

Eventually it cleared enough and we set out with the intention of just doing the short Canet d’Adri loop. Thankfully, we had a nice group and smiles and chat were still going strong as the rain returned. Safe to say, we aren´t used to getting wet out on the bike in Girona. It´s a rare occasion!

Nonetheless, we committed, soldiered on and still had a pretty pleasant ride.

Thanks to all who stuck it out with us! Today was a bad weather exception. Let´s hope for sunshine next week 🙂

On another note, just a friendly reminder that all Girona Cycling Festival event registrations will close tomorrow, May 12 so don´t forget to get your entries in – there is still time!


Lastly, the GoPro got a little soaked today, but we still managed to get a few nice shots…check them out here!


Cheers all,

Bike Breaks



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