Happy Easter all! We hope everyone has had a great Easter break with friends, family and your bike 🙂

We had a pretty special Easter Sunday with the Girona Cycling Festival, testing out the Girona Gran Fondo 2017 course. The event, ´Pernil on the hill´ was a huge success and we are still fizzing after our epic adventure out on the bike.

The event was run to celebrate the addition of the famously tough, Rocacorba climb to the 2017 Girona Gran Fondo. The course from past editions will now be run in reverse and those that are up for an extra challenge will now have the OPTION to tackle Rocacorba at the start of the loop.

Read here for the details on how it will work come race day:


We started the day at Bike Breaks with a solid bunch and a few nervous faces, ready for a big day in the saddle. After cruising out toward Banyoles, we eventually approached the base of the infamous Rocacorba, well known for its steep pitches and guaranteed to create pain in the legs! Rocacorba, over the years has developed a great reputation for its brutality and brutal it was!

After a solid 10km effort and a bit of friendly competition, we were very warmly greeted up top with a picnic of Easter goodies and of course, pernil! After a hard effort it was just what we needed, and what a way to cheers to the addition of Rocacorba to this year´s Gran Fondo. We approve!

After a toast and a few snaps of us celebrating with our pernil entrepans (ham sandwiches), we carefully cruised down to continue the adventures. Special thanks to our fantastic support team – so appreciated! Also, to Robert Bellsolà for joining us with his drone! Robert is currently working on ´Bikes, Bread & Meditation´- a documentary on the cycling world of Girona. We can´t wait to see the end result.

We then continued along the course (reverse direction to the past) towards Olot and the beautiful Garrotxa Volcanic region. Living in Girona, it´s easy to forget how lucky we are having these roads so local to ride on. They are truly hard to beat.

After a pit stop and refuel in the lovely Santa Pau, we were on our way again – some of us keen to get home for Easter festivities and the Amstel Gold finale!

By the time we reached Les Planes, there were some pretty weary legs but the mood was still light and our smiles still strong. We were lucky to be joined by such a great, positive group of people. On a long ride, good chat and a laugh or two along the way definitely helps the time fly by!

Eventually, we made it back to Girona, exhausted but exhilerated and with 145km in the bank. Safe to say we deserved our Easter eggs!

Here is the STRAVA of our epic day out:


& some great snaps thanks to the Go Pro, Eloi and Saskia!


Our conclusion of the day is that you will all, without doubt, LOVE the new Girona Gran Fondo course. It has a lot to offer and If you are up for the challenge, Rocacorba is waiting!

Join us 🙂


Until next time!

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