Thursday pedalling


Another Thursday has rolled on by and yet another fantastic shop ride was had. Thank you to all of the friendly, smiling faces who joined us this morning and to our excellent Bike Breaks ride leaders.

As November kicks in, the temperature has certainly dropped a few degrees in Girona and as fair weather riders here, it has been a bit of a shock to the system!

This morning’s ride started a little cool, but we were lucky enough to soon be gifted with the usual Girona sunshine, so the arm warmers were put away and the bunch banter began to boom.

All up, a very pleasant day spent pedalling and in great company. Cheers!


It´s that time of year again that we are starting to prepare for the next season. First step – new Cannondale bikes!

In case you weren´t aware, we renew our bikes annually to ensure our customers have a positive ride experience on up to date, safe equipment.

To make room for our new line, we are selling our 2017 bikes! ALL bikes are in fantastic condition, (very well kept throughout the season by our shop mechanic) and as they are solely rental bikes, they have minimal km´s!

Email us for further details…they tend to go fast, so get in quick!

Until next time!

Bike Breaks



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