Hi everyone,

Thanks for joining us on this morning’s Thursday shop ride. Another warm summers day out pedalling! Thanks to great company, roads and sunshine for making it a great morning out.

We hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did…oh, and that post ride Federal Cafe burger and beer!

We had a nice mix of riders set out together from Bike Breaks and following our regular social coffee stop, we set off into different distance groups. Most opted for the medium 60km loop out over Bonmati, Mas Llunés, Aiguaviva and home. A regular shop ride loop but the perfect opportunity to ride some gorgeous, quiet Girona roads and in good company!

Those up for a bit more of a challenge, set out with Dave to conquer some more k’s – likely inspired by the latest from the Tour de France! Safe to say, the first week has provided some serious controversy but also some exciting racing. We are thinking of the Girona based professionals and wish them all the best for the remaining few weeks! Go get them lads and great effort by all on today’s shop ride. Recover well!

Check out our photo collection from today’s ride here –


Bike Breaks




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