The GIRONA CYCLING FESTIVAL has begun and what a day to kick things off!


We had stunning weather, excellent company and beautiful roads on our Day 1 group rides this morning.

After a bit of mingling, meeting and greeting fellow festival goers, we set off in different groups of lengths and levels with our local Girona, Bike Breaks ride leaders. Thanks team!

Photo by The Peloton Brief

The Gold pack was joined by some of Girona’s best cycling professionals for a cruisy pre race spin out to Banyoles lake. A special thanks to these guys for coming along and showing us how it’s done!

We hope everyone is now well and truly warmed up after a wee pedal and leg test. Surely, difficult not to be with this scorching hot weather! Please remember to stay hydrated this week, starting now 🙂

For those that weren’t able to get out on our group rides, don’t stress, there will be more opportunities throughout the week for Festival goers! The next ride will be Wednesday from Bike Breaks at 10am. Pop by the shop to check out the detailed week ride plan.

In the mean time, stay focused on tomorrow’s climb. GOOD LUCK!

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