Day of the mechanicals

Some days are better than others and some days you can’t stop puncturing.
Having not had a flat in Girona for two years, incredibly this week i had 6 ! including one after the coffee stop right as the group was about to leave, not ideal timing at all. Luckily for me we had several experienced locals or semi locals to step up and lead the group off while i cursed my flat tyre. This is of course part of the sport, but I hope i am all done with flats for a while.
After a quick TT effort I managed to catch the Bike Breaks group. We then split into two groups, the guys with me seeking out a new road, (even after 17 years cycling in Girona I can still find new roads 20km from Girona itself) with a smattering of the finest gravel of course.
Many thanks to all who came along and we Hope you make it back to Girona soon, I am already working on the next loop for you.

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