Un bon dia!

It´s certainly hard to believe it´s winter here in Girona when we´re spoiled with beautiful days like today! Bon dia! Thanks to everyone who turned up for another stellar shop ride this morning.     It´s a holiday here in Girona today so we had a great mix of people and a decent sized bunch […]

Autumn or Summer?

It is Thursday 29th of September, in most places the cold temperatures have arrive but rather than Autumn it feels like Summer in Girona. We enjoyed our normal Shop Ride loop with an amazing group of people, we hope all of you liked it and that you come again next week. Remember that every Tuesday […]

Thursday’s Shop Ride

Hello Shop Riders! Today’s ride was absolutely amazing, amazingly hot for this time year =) Beautiful sunny ride this morning with a fantastic group of people, we did 2.5h pedaling through the quiet roads of Girona where we barely saw any cars. As you know, the Shop Ride always follows the same loop where we […]