Mixing it up


On this week’s shop ride, we decided to mix things up a bit… A small, but keen group rocked up at 10am covered in layers for a fairly chilly start to the day. Winter is certainly here, however luckily most days the sun is beaming! Following a quick discussion pre-ride, majority ruled to head out […]

Thursday pedalling


Another Thursday has rolled on by and yet another fantastic shop ride was had. Thank you to all of the friendly, smiling faces who joined us this morning and to our excellent Bike Breaks ride leaders. As November kicks in, the temperature has certainly dropped a few degrees in Girona and as fair weather riders here, […]

Autumn bliss

Saskia and Dave About us

Cycling conditions can´t really get much better right now in Girona. It´s that perfect cycling weather – just warm enough to wear shorts and a jersey sans layers, with the odd day requiring a gillet and arm warmers. Not to mention, the blue skied, sunny days. Hope we aren´t speaking too soon, but it´s certainly Autumn […]