Bike Breaks Thursday ride 26-04-2018

Another fantastic Shop Ride, and another amazing day in Girona.

We really love the rides that go out from Bike Breaks and we really love sometimes getting creative and inventing new routes. This week the long loop with Dave crossed Girona and rode out to climb the highest pick of Les Gavarres.

As always on the long loop there was a little bit of gravel and a little bit of adventure to make sure the day was epic.

Many thanks for all who came, it was a great turn out and we hope to see you all again soon!

Here is the album from today’s ride, please feel free to share the pictures.

This is the link from the ride on Strava.

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Een reactie op “Bike Breaks Thursday ride 26-04-2018

  1. Keith Nelson zegt:

    Dear Dave and Saskia,
    I knew from following the lives of the pro peloton that the Girona area was a favorite training ground for bicycle racing’s elite. What I wasn’t aware of was how much the city has embraced the cycling culture. Restaurants, coffee shops, and landlords have warmly welcomed the visiting cyclist. And no better example of this hospitality is your bike shop. On April 28th we were lucky to be able to plug into your weekly shop ride on our first day in town. This was a fantastic way to get the lay of the land as well as meet both local and international cyclists.

    On subsequent days, Robert and I rode alone following your suggestions, maps and apps found at the store. We started and finished each ride at the shop. You and your staff were always very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. You went out of your way to provide us with excellent service and advice.

    I can recommend Bike Breaks Girona Cycling Centre without hesitation. I would certainly return to Girona and Bike Breaks would be my shop of choice.
    Thank you for making our trip to Catalunya so fantastic.

    Keith Nelson
    Eugene OR USA

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