Ahead of next week´s Girona Cycling Festival, we have a few expert words from Wiggle High5, Danish professional cyclist Julie Leth!

At just 24, Julie has been competing on the professional circuit since 2013 and has been Girona based for several years now. The former national champion has had a lot of success throughout her career and is well known in the peloton for her impressive team work and willingness to lay It on the line for a team mate. An example is when she helped her Danish team mate, Amalie Dideriksen to her World title at the Qatar world road championships last season. Not to mention, her always friendly, positive attitude.

Here, Julie has kindly shared some great tips on how best to prepare for your event and the final build up. Thanks Julie!

1. Taper

Taper as your final preparation for the event. Here, the aim is to reduce your training load. You have done all the hard work, so now it’s time to rest to ensure you show up fresh on race day. I like to add a few efforts the day before, to wake the body up.

2. Prep your Bike!

Make sure it is clean and the chain is lubed. Check your gears, cables and your tyres for cuts and ensure they are pumped. Obviously, this will make your bike look great, but this last bike check is also a good opportunity to unearth any potential mechanicals.

3. Fuel and hydrate

Make sure you fuel and hydrate well for the race. The night before I like to have a little less fibre and a bit more carbohydrate than normal. Breakfast is likely to be your last meal before the event, so make it count. I suggest slow, released carbohydrates and some protein. I always have porridge – on race and training days!

It may also help to plan ahead for when you need to eat in the race. Every 20-30 minutes is a good target.

It’s always a good idea to stick to the food you’ve been using in training, and not try something new on race day!

4. Break it down

If you have never ridden the distance before, I find it helps to break it down into smaller bits, and tackle them one at a time. It makes it seem more achievable.

5. Enjoy the experience!

Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!

Julie Leth (Wiggle High5) leads the peloton over the first stretch of cobbles at Ronde van Drenthe 2017. (Photo by Sean Robinson/Velofocus)


BIG THANKS Julie for the words of wisdom and all the best for your up coming races 🙂

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