As we round out June, we look back on a very busy month!

With the Girona Cycling Festival week kicking off June 12, all energy and staff were put into final preparations. The Festival itself was a success, however full of challenges, following the tragic passing of one of our participants. This made for a very difficult start to the week, however with the family´s support and our incredible community & team, we rode on and closed out the Festival with smiles. Read more about it and the week we had here:

Following the Festival, we have been steadily catching up with busy summer Bike Breaks bookings and slowly starting to live our normal lives again!

This morning´s shop ride was the perfect opportunity to get out with the cycling community, club riders, visitors and friends to get ´back to bliss´and enjoy some ride time together.

Thank you all for joining us and making it a good one!


A special mention to Sophie Jo Morris, who leaves Girona this week, homeward bound and off to tackle some races. After today´s ride and her strong performances during Festival week, we are confident she is ready to rock! Good luck 🙂


Take a look at our photo album from today´s ride here: PICS

Until next time,

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