Autumn Epics 13/09/2018

Autumn Epics

Knowing where to ride in Girona can make all the difference when you come here for a cycling trip. I always try to make some big Epic days at this time of year when we have good groups in town.

I try to never rush the ride, we stop and we eat but we do also ride hard. This week’s long loop shop ride is one of my favourite loops but one that does take some time to do.

With almost every type of surface that exists, from road to gravel, long climbs, sweeping descents, tiny villages with tiny village shops, bars, mountain top monasteries, road side fountains girona, this ride covers most of the things you can find when riding in Girona.

The hope is that there is a ride that everyone will remember for a while and when they get asked where to ride in Girona they have the answer.

Many thanks to all who came along and we Hope you make it back to Girona soon, Dave is already working on the next loop for you.

This is where to ride in Girona

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This is the relieve of the long loop

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