Hi everyone,

Thanks again for an enjoyable day out pedaling on our weekly shop ride. Another Thursday special it was!

After last weeks splash of rain, this week has really turned a corner and Girona has stepped it up for the Temps de Flors flower festival…an incredible week showcasing over 100 beautiful displays. Girona has been humming with people enjoying the festivities and the amazing weather we have had alongside.

We too have been loving the festival and the sunshine and ride time has been on point! Thank you Girona!

Special thanks to Joan, Oriol, Mike & Anna for taking the lead and guiding the ride today while some of us are up in the Pyrenees for a few days guiding.

We hope you enjoyed the ride and most importantly those well deserved post ride Federal cafe burgers and beers. Nothing better 🙂

Cheers all and until next week,

Bike Breaks


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