A Year Of Group Rides In Girona

Massive thanks to all who came to one of our Thursday Girona group rides in 2018. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for coming along on one of our rides and share some of the images we took from last year’s Girona road and gravel riding.

Some of the stats from a year’s worth of Bike Breaks rides include

  1. We ran 50 weekly rides
  2. Total of 8000kms covered
  3. Over 65,0000 metres of climb climbed
  4. Over 2k riders came along.
  5. Over 60 countries
  6. Many 1000’s coffees drunk

We would love it you could review us here.

Thanks again for joining and we hope to see you again cycling in Girona.

Remember we have the new Cannondale SystemSix available for rent, and may new items in our online shop.

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