New Road and Gravel Cycling Routes in Girona

Every year more and more cyclists visit Girona and fall in love with the city and return, so we are always working on new routes and rides.

This year to add to our Where to Ride in Girona Guide, we have new and exciting rides for you to try.

All our Girona routes are available to download as TCX tracks from our website.

We have added waypoints with coffee stops, water stops and some recommendations for lunch to improve your Girona riding experience and get the best from our local knowledge.

Road cycling TCX files

Added to road cycling selection we have the following routs:

23 Ride to the reservoir and dam at Pantà Susqueda.

24 The famous Rabbit Ride from the Bike Breaks shop ride.

25 Empordà and Sant Morí.

26 A longer version of the ever popular and unmissable coastal loop.

Gravel cycling TCX files

The popularity of gravel riding is growing all the time and Girona offers a huge selection of trails and paths perfect for this new discipline.

So we have added the following Girona gravel rides.

Els Àngels Gravel.

Brunyola Gravel.

Empordà Gravel.



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