Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! Thanks to those who came pedalling with us on this week’s shop ride. It was a great day out on our bikes as we were once again treated with Girona special winter weather of sunshine and blue skies. Good catching up with everyone and hearing about each other’s Christmas days and new pressies. Plus, it was a nice way to burn off some of that Christmas pudding!

Our latest exciting news, (in case you hadn’t heard) is that we have now released our tour dates for 2017, featuring our Spring, Pyrenean and Autumn guided tours. Bring on the New Year and adventures to come! To view the calendar follow the link and make sure you get your bookings in promptly as limited spots are available. We would appreciate If you could share this with your cycling world and friends who may be interested in exploring Girona and beyond with us in 2017.


Secondly, don’t forget to get your Girona Gran Fondo entries in. With 2017 within reach, it’s all go. How about a setting a challenge as your 2017 New Year’s resolution and come join us at the Girona Cycling Festival?! It really is a fantastic week and we would love to have you all there with us.


See you again in 2017 and happy New Year from Bike Breaks. Thanks to everyone who has been part of a happy and successful 2016 with us – we’ve enjoyed the ride!



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