Guest blog from Wiggle Honda rider Emilia Fahlin on the off season in Girona!


They say time goes fast when you are having a good time…..

Right now I’m on a flight leaving Girona and Barcelona behind, it’s time to go home and celebrate Christmas with family and friends in Sweden.

All the season I’m busy traveling around the globe to different bike races or training camps, and even though I call Girona home nowadays, it’s very rare I get to spend more then a week here and a week there at the time, at home in my apartment.

That’s why I looked so much forward to this offseason and winter, to be able to stay 1,5 month at one place, without packing the suitcase. To finally be able to enjoy everything with Girona, and being home, and also to get to spend time with the people I got to know and made second family over there. Things there’s normally not enough time for in between races. And now that 1,5 month has just flown by. I’m not ready to leave yet!

So up until now I’ve been lucky enough to have visited plenty of cool places in this world, but really, it hits me every time, no place beats the riding and training that this area in Catalunya can offer.

Why I moved in the first place was mostly to escape the very cold winters and not so friendly bike weather in Sweden. Secondly I wanted some more stimulating terrain and nature to train in. Sweden is very open and almost pancake-flat where I come from.

So I really scored full pot moving over here, but another thing that amazes me is how little traffic it is out on the roads, compared to many other beautiful places I’ve ridden, which makes such a difference.

So, it’s low season, which means no races, and time to build a base again. I’ve been mixing some gym with painful indoor ergo sessions, which always is hard when you look out the window and see the sun in Girona, but as necessary to get done to prepare for next year.

But my absolute favorite is the long endurance rides, collecting kilometers, because that gives me the opportunity to explore some new roads and also do my favorite loops!

I actually like to do many of my rides alone, either with music in my headphones, or listening away to a podcast, and just take the nature in. Because this time of year it’s stunning! When all the trees changing colors in the green mountains, when the first snow falls on the Pyrenees, I think that really is my favorite view, because it’s just glowing! I would say a coffee stop at the lake in Banyoles is compulsory, here you can take in all of that!

Then you got the rollercoaster roads on the coast with the green of the mountains meeting the clear green-blue sea. So yeah, training here haven’t really been so hard to motivate for. I’m not equally excited when I see the weather forecast for where I’m on my way to right now, but I got a month in Australia coming up after 10 days of freezing cold that can warm my mind at least, before I’m turning back again!


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Massive thanks to Emilia for the blog, stand by for more from her in the new year!!

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