Girona Situation Update 12th March 2021

girona covid situation march 2021

We have delayed this blog as the restrictions currently in place here in Girona and Catalunya have been revised and changed.

As of this coming Monday (15th of March) several of the more important restrictions will be lifted.

Here I have highlighted the main changes and below as usual for this blog I give the full official measures.

This is in response to the outbreak risk level falling from ‘very high’ to ‘high’.

From Monday the 15th :

  • County level lock down lifted: We are now able to travel by bike or car anywhere in Catalunya, though travel outside Catalunya is still limited. But for Cyclists in Girona this means we can ride where and when we like.
  • Non-essencial shops are able to open at the weekends. This means Bike Breaks can now open again on Saturdays.

To ensure that the Covid numbers remain low, social gatherings and travel outside the region is still limited.

As the situation is changing all the time it can be very difficult and confusing to know what is possible or sensible. We will post a 2 weekly blog with information for people looking at when and how they can return to Girona.

Though we do still have some restrictions in place in Girona the numbers in Catalunya continue to drop and the vaccination program is continuing and gathering pace. Currently three of the different vaccines are being administered here.

If you have any questions at all do please let us know and we will do our best to help.

Covid numbers here in Catalunya:

As mentioned before the numbers can change very quickly. These are the statistics at the time of posting

Source: Catalan News and Catalan Health Department​

Restrictions in place in Girona and Catalunya

The Catalan and Spanish authorities generally review the restrictions every two weeks, I will here outline the measures that relate most to our clients and visitors that are applied at the time of posting.

As of the 1st of March some more restrictions were lifted, but the approach is still one of caution.

As with the UK and other countries, social distancing is recommended and people are asked to limit their social interactions and masks must be worn in public.

 I have highlighted the main changes in bold below.

l Bar and Restaurants – from the 8th of March bars and restaurants can only open indoor and outdoor seating areas to the public from 7:30 to 17:00h.  

Establishments can only accommodate 30% of their regular capacity inside and 100% capacity on outdoor terraces. Inside, only up to four people can sit at the same table. Everyone must wear a face mask when not eating or drinking.

Take-away can be provided from 7pm to 10pm for dinner, with delivery services until 11pm, but dining areas must remain shut. Hotel restaurants, however, are allowed to serve their guests dinner.

In-person dining hours do not apply to bars and restaurants located at highway rest stops, but those inside shopping malls cannot open all.

l Mobility – Now we are able to move within the county of residence not permitted to leave without a justified reason, including work, study, returning home, going to health centres, care of dependent relatives, demonstrating and force majeure. Travel for work is only allowed when remote working is not possible.

  • Curfew – People must remain home between 10pm and 6am.
  • Public transport – Including services such as buses, trains, and the subway, will continue running as usual.
  • Schools – Educational centres, including primary and secondary schools, remain open.
  • Cycling – You are able to cycle in Groups of up to 6 and riders can ride anywhere in Catalunya.

Bike Breaks Covid protocol

At Bike Breaks we have gone above and beyond to make sure our shop,
travel agency and rental centre are clean and safe for our clients.

We are hopeful that in 2021 some restrictions will be lifted but in the meantime we are fully prepared.

We keep a close eye on regional Covid measures and monitor the
Catalan and Spanish authority channels to ensure we operate legally,
responsibly and safely and to keep our clients updated on new locally
enforced Covid measures.

Bike Breaks news

The new 2021 rental fleet continues to arrive. We are now building up the Systemsix Evo and Synapse models. Stand by for more videos there.

Also we are now able to run the weekly Thursday shop ride again, with limited numbers of course.

We took the very difficult decision to move the festival back to 2022, we just felt it was the best and fairest thing to do under the circumstances and now we are excited to plan the best festival ever for 2022.

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