First ride of the month!

September is our busiest month and we celebrated the beginning of the month with our weekly Shop Ride. Today we went slower than usual; it was more about socializing and having fun than going full gas over the hilly route.

As always we had a big group of tourists joining us and they all enjoyed the beautiful sunny morning riding bikes in Girona, when we returned to the city Anna and Joan were waiting for us at the shop with drinks and snacks for everyone. Thank you so much for coming this morning to ride with us this morning and remember that we have an open guided group ride next Tuesday at 10am from Bike Breaks, the cost for this ride is 25€ and we have a limit of 8 riders per ride so please book it in advance!

Keep visiting our page as we have an exciting blog coming up!

If you want to see the album of today’s ride please click the links below.

See you next week!

Click here for more info for the Girona cycling festival in June 2017…
And here for the pics of today’s ride….. please feel free to tag yourselves in…
For the Strava file click here!

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