Epic Rides 24-05-2018

Every week we try to do something different for the long loop and we always try to have it be a memorable ride.

This week was one of the longest we have done, 145km and 1800m over 8 hours! Though admittedly we did spend some of that time eating and drinking coffee and amazing sandwiches on top of a 250 cliff in a restaurant in a medieval monastery, standard.

Weather was once again perfect, 28 degrees and sunny, the countryside is green an lush at this time of year and this ride uses as many of the back roads and gravel trails we can find.

I think we can defo call this one Epic, a journey to another world and back again.

Many thanks to all who came along and we Hope you make it back to Girona soon, Dave is already working on the next loop for you.

This is the link to the strava for this ride.

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This the relive for the long ride

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