Girona Ride Guides

Girona Ride Guides

Everyone knows that Girona has some of the best road cycling out there, but finding it and getting to the good stuff can be challenging.

That is why we have put together this series of Girona Ride Guides so cyclists visiting Girona can get the very best riding that the area has to offer.

1. Les Gavarres

This is the first in the series and is one of the best known bike rides in Girona.

An intermediate ride of 60kms with two climbs both well known. The first is Santa Pellaia and the second is the climb up to the sanctuary Els Angels.

This is a very typical Girona style ride and gives a great introduction into what the area has to offer.

Passing twice over the Les Gavarres mountains and through the lower part of the Empordà region it includes the incredibly picturesque village of Monells which is where we recommend a coffee stop.

Check out the video for a taste of the ride and click here to download the gpx file.

2. Sant Hilari

The second ride in our featured Girona ride guide series is Sant Hilari. Each of the ranges of hills and mountains surrounding Girona are very diverse with different geology, flora and fauna, another one of the reasons that cycling here is so incredible with each day on the bike unique.

The Les Guilleríes mountains are rich in iron ore deposits and forested all the way up and above 1500m. The ride is a little over 100kms and includes the long 26km climb to the village of Sant Hilari Sacalm itself.

The reward of course is the 18km descent from the village on the way back to Girona. Certainly one of the best rides from Girona and one not to be missed.

Check out the video for a taste of the ride and click here to download the gpx file.

3. Rocacorba

The now famous mountain of Rocacorba has attained a somewhat iconic status over the last few years in Girona.

Not long surfaced it has become a popular place for Girona based Pro riders to do hill repeats with a near continuous stretch of 9.5% gradient.

It is now also included in the Girona Gran Fondo in June when the road is closed for the uphill time trial event.   Not too sure about that, but thought to explain a wee bit more what it is, for those who don’t know. xx

Somewhat controversial locally as to whether this is one of the most interesting rides for visiting cyclists due to the somewhat technical decent, but like it or not it is now well established as a place to test your legs.  Somewhat twice, shall we change one for Fairly?

Check out the video for a taste of the ride and click here to download the gpx file.

4. La Barroca

Girona has a wealth of the best roads in Europe but we are also lucky to have some of the best gravel riding as well.

The rise in the popularity of the gravel scene in Girona is no accident and this type of riding allows cyclists to see even more of the area away from traffic and give yet another dimension to the Girona experience.

The gravel loops I have produced are “gravel light” and can be done on all types of bikes, low in technical level and on graded tracks.

This loop is one of my personal favourites and we often ride this as part of our weekly Thursday shop ride.

Off the beaten track and into an area that is very beautiful and much underrated as a place to cycle.

Check out the video for a taste of the ride and click here to download the gpx file.

5. Banyoles

For us and most cyclists in Girona this ride is a definite must do.

It has to be the standard coffee ride of Girona and as a location to have a break it’s second to none. An easy day and a chance to visit the lake in the Pla d’Estany region, Banyoles is an important part of any cycling trip to Girona.

We have a longer and shorter version of this ride available on the website, both of which give you a chance to see the lake and enjoy the surrounding area.

Check out the video for a taste of the ride and click here to download the gpx file.


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