F R E E D O M !

Today was a beautiful day to ride a bike! It´s so motivating waking up to sunshine and especially at this time of the year. It got that warm out there, we were stripping off layers all day ! How good does it feel to ride without leg warmers for the first time in a while? FREEDOM.

Thanks to our regulars and newcomers for making it a sweet day out pedalling. We had a very nice mix turn up and with motivating conditions we once again had ´sunshine and smiles´. After a solid early hit out of Girona, we had our regular cafe´ pit stop. Today, a little longer than most days with the majoriy happy to chill and chat, while soaking up some vitamin D!

We then split into separate groups, some opting to head back to town and the rest of us continuing on for some more miles over Bonmati. Great company and a very enjoyable day all up! Thanks team.

As an added bonus, most of the crew joined us at our favourite, Federal Cafe for a post ride lunch and yes it was DELICIOUS! We are very pleased to share a strong friendship and relationship with the team at Federal and for those of you that have been shop riding with us you´d know about our ride-meal deal . For those who aren´t aware, when you join us on our Thursday shop ride you will receive a Federal meal voucher: 9€ for a burger and a beer (or other beverage). This has been working out pretty well for us both and we are especially keen on the post ride burger. So good, and after a solid shop ride it is always well earned!

On other news…

We would appreciate you sharing with your cycling keen family and friends our 2017 tour dates. We currently still have availabilities and want to spread the word!


Please also check out the Girona Cycling Festival instagram page. They have a current competition going for a Girona Gran Fondo basic entry. It´s sweet and simple to enter, so if you don´t mind sharing this news with your peers, awesome. No doubt you will already be entered!


A few days back we shared on social media our ´ride services´. We do our best to ensure our clients have a stress free and enjoyable time with us and in Girona. We understand how tiring travel and km´s on the bike can be. Massage is one of the services we provide and this year we have teamed up with Gabinet de Medic Girona. They specialise in sport massage and have a fantastic reputation throughout Girona, especially within the cycling community here. Girona´s professional cyclists are regular clients of theirs so you´ll be in good hands. We are proud to share this relationship and can now offer our rental clients and those joining us on tour a very good discounted rate for massage with Gabinet de Medic. If this is something that interests you please be in touch and we can get you sorted.

Gabinet de Medic Girona

Lastly, today we got some great snaps out riding, mostly due to the cloudless blue sky and contant smiles. Check them out and get tagging!

Shop ride album 2.3.17

Cheers all, until next time!

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