Hi everyone,

We are still smiling and feeling fantastic after today´s ride. Sometimes getting out on the bike with friends, in the sunshine and on the Girona roads is the best remedy to boosting happiness levels. Agreed?

What a day and a great mix of people we had. Thanks all – we had fun and hope you enjoyed the ride too.

Each week we meet new faces and have the honour of showing newbies around the Girona riding grounds…and not to forget our weekly shop ride goers who turn up each week smiling, ready for new adventures. Cheers to that 🙂

By the way…following the recent Rocacorba news and its addition to the Girona Gran Fondo we may be planning a bit of a day out to celebrate. It will include riding the Fondo course plus Rocacorba and is bound to be a bit of an adventure. Stay tuned via our social media channels for details coming soon!

Lastly, we got some sweet snaps from today thanks to the weather god´s and your lovely smiling faces. Check them out:

THANKS – until next time!

Bike Breaks


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