Autumn bliss

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Cycling conditions can´t really get much better right now in Girona. It´s that perfect cycling weather – just warm enough to wear shorts and a jersey sans layers, with the odd day requiring a gillet and arm warmers. Not to mention, the blue skied, sunny days. Hope we aren´t speaking too soon, but it´s certainly Autumn bliss for now…

We had another great group of smiling faces join us this morning for a solid day out riding bikes. Thank you, all!

Shop ride time couldn´t come sooner, following a busy, yet fun-filled week with the Girona Gala for Qhubeka over the weekend and a lot of guiding trips and visitors last week. This period has been very busy for business and I think we have the cycling-perfect weather to thank that for, as many other countries throughout Europe are really starting to cool off. Let´s make the most of it while it lasts!

Hope to see you back out pedalling with us next week.

  • For the complete ride photo album – head here: ALBUM









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