A day of gravel grinding

Epic day out shop riding today – thanks folks.

We had a nice frosty start to the morning, with a small, yet cheery group of riders ready for some adventures on the bike. Following tradition, we set out through the Canet D´Adri hills to give the legs a nice chance to warm up. After a bit of friendly competition up the final climb, we were ready for a wee break to prepare us for the next phase.

Following a warm drink and some socialising, we decided to spice things up a bit and set out on a real adventure!

One of the best things about cycling in Girona is the unlimited number of exceptional riding roads, with a new road just around the corner each ride. It´s baffling to think that after so many years of living and cycling here, we still stumble across new roads regularly.

Dave has always been a true off-road rider and recently developed a real thing for ´gravel´ . Over the past few months he´s mapped out  some pretty neat road/gravel loops from Girona. When we asked why, his response was simple…´why ride alongside traffic, when nearby you can ride traffic free, off-road´! Fair enough, we said – so gravel it was on today´s shop ride.

No regrets were had, after some serious fun gravel grinding, exploring new roads and all in fantastic company. Thanks team and hope to see you back next week for more Bike Breaks adventures! Who knows what will be in store…











   On other news…

Don´t forget to get your entries in for the 2018 Girona Cycling Festival.

Registration is now in full swing and dates are set for June 11-17.

It´s the ´perfect week of cycling in Girona´ ; bike-mad with group rides every day, three exceptional events (hill climb, Nocturne criterium and Gran Fondo) + a whole lot of socialising off the bike to add. Get your family and friends over to Girona in June for this – we promise there will be no regrets!



  •   To see more photos from today´s ride, head here : ALBUM


Until next time…


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