COVID- 19 Lockdown Update

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To our all of our clients, staff,  families, and friends of bike breaks…

Today is day 3 (or 4) of the lockdown and we wanted to keep you informed of the situation.
As we all have seen, other countries are following the lead set by Spain and Catalunya–the EU borders are shut and access restricted to only residents and citizens. the USA, Canada and many other countries are implementing similar controls–the entire world will be on a global lockdown in an attempt to control COVID19.
Here in Girona, all levels of police and the authorities are maintaining a visible presence, which serves as a reminder of the gravity of this crisis. At the same time it is comforting to see our services protecting us and we should all be grateful for this as our day to day lives have been upended in a way few would ever have thought possible–perhaps only  generations which faced the conflicts of war have experience of this.
At BB we are committed to our staff, and that means maintaining everyone as normal until the crisis recedes. They and their families depend on us and we will not fail them.
And we depend on our clients…we depend on them for their custom, their support, as well as their understanding and patience as always, but even more so in this extraordinary time.
For our customers- as you can imagine we have been inundated with worried emails about cancellations, rebookings and refunds.
Rest assured we are formulating a plan to satisfactorily deal with all these issues. It will take time and we ask for your patience again. We are not even allowed out of houses except for food, and the penalties for infractions are severe, as indeed they should be. We cannot access our secure payment systems at the moment either due to the lockdown and our children are off school and kept inside as all playgrounds, parks, and other leisure activities are prohibited. And our elderly, vulnerable parents and relatives, the most at risk, depend on us even more.
Rest assured we have contingency plans in place- when the fog lifts we will be in a position to help all our clients.
We wish all our staff, clients, and friends the very best.
If we can help in any way please let us know.
Thank you all….


One thought on “COVID- 19 Lockdown Update

  1. Janet Porco says:

    Hello Bike Breaks

    Our hearts go out to you in Spain. Stay safe and healthy. We look forward to rebooking our plans for bike rental when things subside.

    Kind regards, Janet and Group from Canada

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