Choosing And Booking The Best Bike Friendly Accommodation In Girona

When planning a trip to a city like Girona, selecting the right place to stay can be very important for the quality of the trip.

After 10 years booking hotels in Girona and 20 years living in the city, we have listed and selected our pick for the best places to stay in town for cyclists based on the following criteria.


Probably the best place to be for a short stay is in the old town or Barri Vell with many apartments and hotels there, there is plenty of choice.

This neighborhood is the medieval old town and crammed with character, is also the place where the majority of the coffee shops, bars and restaurants are located.

A stunning network of backstreets with some of the best preserved medieval architecture in Europe.

Important though to know that some areas can be noisy in the summer in the evenings, not all the streets are easily accessible for cars or even by bike.

Often the biggest issue is getting your bikes up the stairs into the apartments. Also, Girona is a mountainous area and some accommodations require the climbing of hills to return home after a long ride.


Prices do vary in Girona but it’s worth nothing that by paying a bit more you are better located for an evening trip to a restaurant and also for exiting what is a medium-sized city by bike each day.

Here again the old town winds out, located on the edge of the city is easy to exit from and contains all the evening activities. Some areas further out of town are although cheaper sometimes are somewhat less salubrious for a holiday.


Girona is a great city for cyclists and a great number of the accommodations have excellent facilities for cyclists.

Our pick, especially for apartments, gives those who really specialize in riders and have made live easier for our specific needs.

These requirements are:

  • Bike storage  several secure locations for the bikes or at least the ability to get the bikes into the apartments, so you can sleep easy knowing the expensive bikes are safe.
  • Bike cleaning  bike cleaning facilities or even basic tools can be a welcome addition.
  • Access  arriving and leaving from your accommodation by bike needs to be easy, safe and fast.
  • Friendliness for riders  arriving with oversized bags, bikes, and strange shoes and clothing can be difficult. All the places we recommend are well-used to this cycling quirks and eccentricities.

Taking in consideration all of the above we have carefully selected the following accommodations and hotels.

Click here to check out all our picks and enjoy Girona to the max

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