Blue skies and smiles!

What a beautiful day to ride a bike in Girona!

We started today´s shop ride all rugged up and ready for a cold one. It´s the 1st of December and clearly the winter weather has kicked in! Luckily, we quickly warmed up with nothing but sun, blue skies and a fiery pace to set out through the Canet d´adri rolling hills. We had a solid mix of riders today from all parts of the world and of different abilities, so as the pace came on everyone had their time to enjoy a bit of intensity before regrouping for a breather and a coffee. Plenty of laughs and smiles going round which was great to see. It´s always a treat getting out on the bike in Girona with good company, beautiful quiet roads and stunning weather. For those who weren´t able to join us this morning, I hope we´re not making you too jealous?!

Following our cafe stop we set off again in different groups. One of the best things about our shop ride is that it suits everyone. If you´re tired or on a strict time frame you can head home following coffee (short), or opt for a 2.15 hour loop (medium) and if you´re feeling daring and up for a big day in the saddle there´s also a long or (hard) option!

I opted for the medium ride and following Canet d´adri, enjoyed a well paced (easy-medium intensity) ride over Bonmati and Mas Llunés before heading back to town via Aiguaviva. I had a great time out there with a very friendly bunch of people. Unfortunately, we weren´t quite able to take the Strava record Dave has his eye on but we came together and gave him a solid lead out, nonetheless. All in good fun! Next week, we will try again! To cap a great ride out, we finished up at Federal Cafe to enjoy a tasty post race lunch. Thanks Federal!

Girona´s cycling community continues to grow each month so we love to see new faces on our shop rides as well as our loyal regulars. Hope to see you all back next week and the more the merrier, so bring your friends!

Thanks to all those who came along, we had fun and hope you did too.

Until next time…

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