Best Bike Hire In Girona

We have been renting Cannondale Bikes in Girona for 10 years now! And have gained plenty of experience along the way. We now offer online booking, so you can now check availability, reserve and book your bike all from our website. With the choice of 8 different new models from our annually updated rental fleet in Girona. See below […]

The Oldest Newest Bike Shop In Girona!

We started Bike Breaks 10 years ago almost to the day.  We never imagined we would be here all these years later opening a three floor Cycle Centre in the centre of Girona. Vàrem obrir el primer Bike Breaks ja fa 10 anys, gairebé el mateix dia que el nou! Mai hauríem imaginat que creixeríem tant i arribéssim fins […]