5 Climbs that aren’t Rocacorba

Girona has become the cycling mecca it deserves to be. With a vibrant and beautiful old town packed with original and interesting coffee shops and bars, winding medieval streets, an area famous for Gastronomy, a varied and diverse countryside crisscrossed with gravel paths, lanes, back roads, single tracks.. you name it and Girona has it, […]

Girona Situation Update 26th April 2021

I have changed the format of the Situation update for Girona as things have moved along and the questions we are now receiving are beginning to change. Travel Restrictions: The Catalan authority website has a FAQ section with more information on travel. The situation regarding foreign travel specifically what is allowed and when things might […]

Bike Packing in Girona

Girona is now a well-known cycling destination. It has established itself as being one of, if not the coolest place to go cycling and is certainly the centre of road cycling in Europe, and home to over 200 professional riders.But for all this it’s still a relatively new destination and still relatively unknown and under-explored compared to other older more established destinations. […]

Ready for 2021

I am sure we can all agree that 2020 was a year best put behind us. An extremely difficult year for so many people, filled with tragedy, upheaval and loss. The tourism industry -Bike Breaks included – has been decimated and we have lost the entire and vital Spring, Summer and  Autumn season. In the end we were forced to sell off our entire fleet of rental bikes and liquidate […]

Here Comes The Sun!

This has been a year unlike any other- unprecedented world upheaval, disruption and loss. In Spain we are moving towards the end of the restrictions and travel will be permitted from July 1st with a few exceptions.Here at Bike Breaks, despite our lengthy enforced closure, we have used this time to rebuild, regroup, and prepare for a return to cycling. […]

April COVID-19 update

Once again, to all our clients, staff, families and friends of bike breaks…. Today is day 19 of the lock down here in Girona and it will continue throughout Spain and Catalunya until after Easter. The Spanish authorities have imposed yet even stronger measures and closures in an effort to control the spread. Much is dependent upon the slowing […]

Choosing And Booking The Best Bike Friendly Accommodation In Girona

When planning a trip to a city like Girona, selecting the right place to stay can be very important for the quality of the trip. After 10 years booking hotels in Girona and 20 years living in the city, we have listed and selected our pick for the best places to stay in town for cyclists based on the following criteria. […]

New bike day – Unboxing the Cannondale Supersix EVO 2020 at Bike Breaks

For ten years we have been very proud to be the official Cannondale rental  centre offering new bikes and new models every year. From in 2009 the Cannondale Six to the new EVO in 2020. We have rarely been more excited to get our hands on a new model than now with the latest version […]

New Road and Gravel Cycling Routes in Girona

Every year more and more cyclists visit Girona and fall in love with the city and return, so we are always working on new routes and rides. This year to add to our “Where to Ride in Girona Guide“, we have new and exciting rides for you to try. All our Girona routes are available to download as TCX tracks from our website. We have added waypoints […]