Bike Packing in Girona

Girona is now a well-known cycling destination. It has established itself as being one of, if not the coolest place to go cycling and is certainly the centre of road cycling in Europe, and home to over 200 professional riders.
But for all this it’s still a relatively new destination and still relatively unknown and under-explored compared to other older more established destinations.

Having participated in many types of cycling events and having ran many tours, I was persuaded to try a bike packing experience. Needless to say, I founded an awesome experience and a great way to see and area and most of all I have enjoyed its simplicity and the sense of adventure that it brings.

Bike Breaks has been extolling the virtues of cycling in Girona for over a decade, our on going mission is to help people get the most out of their cycling here.
Girona, the city itself, is a fantastic place to be based and from where to ride.
However Girona is a gateway to even more epic rides, it is possible to reach and ride a wide variety of diverse landscapes.

Next in our series “where to ride in Girona”, we will offer  “Bike Packing in Girona” guides, we have planned a series of circular routes based around the Pyrenees and Coastal areas, with linear rides to get there as well as recommendations of where to stay. Giving a chance to see a little more of the area and even a bit of mini bike packing.

go bike packing in girona
bike breaks backpacking in girona

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