Autumn or Summer?

It is Thursday 29th of September, in most places the cold temperatures have arrive but rather than Autumn it feels like Summer in Girona.

We enjoyed our normal Shop Ride loop with an amazing group of people, we hope all of you liked it and that you come again next week.

Remember that every Tuesday we have a fully guided group ride, one of our best local guides will take you on an amazing adventure through the Mediterranean! Book on time because we only have space for 8 riders.

Click here for more info for the Girona cycling festival in June 2017…
And here for the pics of today’s ride….. please feel free to tag yourselves in…
For the Strava file click here!


One thought on “Autumn or Summer?

  1. John says:

    Me again!

    Would love to do the shop ride next Thursday on one of your bikes.

    Please let me have details.

    Also keen to help out with your festival next year so perhaps we can talk about that.

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