April COVID-19 update

Once again, to all our clients, staff, families and friends of bike breaks….
Today is day 19 of the lock down here in Girona and it will continue throughout Spain and Catalunya until after Easter. The Spanish authorities have imposed yet even stronger measures and closures in an effort to control the spread.

Much is dependent upon the slowing of the infection rate, and while early indications show such a slowing, it is not conclusive yet.
Other countries are experiencing similar trajectories and health care systems are as strained as they are here.

We wish everyone well wherever you are and hope you are able to stay safe as lock down comes to more and more countries as it has here.

Nevertheless, as time passes we will have more visibility about when a return to less restrictive conditions will be possible, and cycling here can begin again, we will be ready!
We are now able to run our weekly shop ride on Zwift and we will do this for as long as necessary, maybe even a few pros will show up as well.

In the meanwhile we are progressing slowly through our mountain of emails requesting re bookings, returns, and refunds, and dealing with the very opaque efforts of various levels of government to assist with the economic, social, and medical consequences of this crisis.
Rest assured we will deal with all issues, but once again we ask for your patience and understanding.
We want to emerge intact from this catastrophic pandemic, and we thank you, our clients, staff and friends for your inspiring messages of support.
Dave and Saskia and the Bike Breaks Team in Girona.

Anything to do with cycling in Girona…

One thought on “April COVID-19 update

  1. Barry Beck says:

    Hello Dave and Saskia,
    My name is Barry Beck(B1).Barry Scott(B2) and I arranged a tour to Girona with nine others in the fall of 2018.Josep and Des were our fabulous guides.Saskia gave our each in our group a Girona coffee table picture book as a parting gift.Amazing experience.Therefore,I am hoping that your family,friends and entiring cycling community are safe and well.We here on Vancouver Island have seen dramatic changes too.The infection rates are very low and the curve has really been flattened.We can still ride all the disciplines,expect track,albiet solo or with family members.I have been sticking mostly with gravel.I/we hope to again visit Girona and look forward to seeing you once again.

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