Another Shop Ride!

Another Shop Ride!

Thursday morning in Girona, the streets are still quiet until you see all these riders heading to the Old Town. The meeting point: Bike Breaks Girona Cycle Centre, where else?!

We greeted all the riders with delicious brownies in honor of our friend Euan (from Scotland) who was celebrating his birthday with us!

Dave did his morning speech and we headed out of Girona’s Old Town, we cycled through the beautiful small roads towards Canet D’Adri, a hilly but yet beautiful loop! After approximately one hour of riding we stopped at the usual cafeteria because a ride without a coffee stop is not a proper ride!

We continued towards Bonmati, a small town with a fountain where we usually fill up our bottles. This is Spain and summer days can be warm! This stop is the perfect excuse to regroup and socialize for a bit before rolling back to town.

Thanks to all the riders that came to ride with us this morning, we hope to see you again next Thursday and if you are from abroad: don’t forget to tell all your friends about it!

See you next week!

Click here for more info for the Girona cycling festival in June 2017…

And here for the pics of today’s ride….. please feel free to tag yourselves in…

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