Anna’s farewell Shop Ride!

As you know, every Thursday we host our weekly Shop Ride, this ride is special. All the tourists are welcome to join our local club riders on a beautiful hilly ride through our favourite roads in town.

Every week we have riders from all over the world riding with us, but we are aware that this ride would not be possible without the help and support of our club riders; while some of them lead the peloton at the front, others wait at the back for people who can’t always follow up the hill.

Our favourite Finnish girl Anna Rinne, who has been living in Girona for 11 years and is a key member of our club, is one of the riders who week after week has helped us make this ride such a success.

Today it was Anna’s last ride with us (at least for the next 5 months!), she has been relocated to Lanzarote due to her work and even though we will miss her deeply we wish her a lot of success in her new adventure and we are already looking forward to seeing her next March!

If you want to ride with Anna and with the rest of the Bike Breaks crew come to Girona! We host a group ride every Thursday morning at 10am with 3 options (easy, medium, hard) to choose from.

See you next week!

Click here for more info for the Girona cycling festival in June 2017…
And here for the pics of today’s ride….. please feel free to tag yourselves in…
For the Strava file click here!

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