Yesterday we embraced ‘Sunday fun day’ on the Angels training ride!

The Girona Cycling Festival is now very soon approaching, June 12-18, so it’s about time to get those legs into gear!

The event was organised to give people a chance to ride up the Festival Hill climb, Els Àngels together. A social occasion, however those who wished to test the legs and have a hit out were more than welcome! We love our group rides but also don’t mind the odd bit of friendly competition and a nice opportunity to challenge ourselves ahead of next month.

We started the day at Bike Breaks and rolled out in true style, with some of us sporting Angel wings. The idea was that the wings would help us fly up Els Àngels…hmm. Not so sure about that but all in good fun, nonetheless!

Els Àngels or Charlie’s Angels?!

From the bottom there was a natural split as the competitors and social riders parted their ways. Thanks to professional cyclist and climbing sensation Flavia Oliveira for turning up to take it to the boys 🙂

Following a solid effort to the top, we regrouped and shared a bit of a laugh about the friendly competition. Those who were up for a some chat and a good breather joined us at the restaurant for a drink and refuel. All looking spot on for hill climb day!

Special thanks to all who joined us for the ride. We had a great group of smiling faces turn up and thoroughly enjoyed your company out there. Hope it helped get those climbing legs into gear. Bring on next month, we say.

If you are interested in taking part in the Els Àngels hill climb (June 13), or other Girona Cycling Festival events, register here:

ALL event registrations close MAY 12, so not long to go!

To check out the photo´s from the ride, head here:


& lastly, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to Bike Breaks riders Mike Katz and Anna Rinne – enjoy guys!

Cheers all and Happy Monday 🙂

Bike Breaks




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