Thank you everyone for joining us on today´s shop ride. Safe to say, the heat was up!

We had a lovely, social and international mix of riders this morning. Thanks for the cheery moods and great chat!

After a quick start to the ride, speeding through the rolling hills of Canet d’Adri, the first coffee/beverage stop of the day was a real treat and felt like it couldn´t come soon enough. With the weather as is…(hot!), popular drink choice was a nice cool coke!

After a good few laughs and a breather, we were on our way but split into different distance groups.

There was a nice turn out for the ´long ride´ and what a beautiful adventure we had around the Empordà area, through the stunning stick farms and back up over the ´steep´ side of Els Àngels home. A solid day out in the heat, but incredible roads and fantastic company made for a great day out riding bikes!

  • We can now officially call today´s loop, the ´Squirrel ride´…see the full Strava here : STRAVA

  • Photos from today can be found here on our Facebook page : SNAPS


  • On other news…we have a very exciting Bike Breaks announcement coming to Girona very soon. Stay tuned via our social media channels for more information!

Cheers all and see you again next week!

Bike Breaks



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