2020 Girona Cycling Festival New Dates

girona cycling festival opening nocturn

After an extended severe period of lockdown in Girona (and all of Spain) we are finally seeing small signs of a modest resumption in activity. Next week for the first time since March 14th, outdoor exercise and cycling will be permitted, albeit in a strictly controlled and limited way, Nonetheless we are all overjoyed at the thought of this.

We at Bike Breaks, like most businesses in Spain, have been very nearly driven to the brink of collapse. Only through a maximum effort by Saskia, myself, our dedicated staff, and our wonderfully amazing clients have we hope to be able to turn the corner. We will be forever grateful.

The 7th edition of the Girona cycling festival originally scheduled for June has now been moved to October 5th through the 11th.
Though this was a difficult decision, it was the only one possible as we are still uncertain as to when international travel will resume. All the regulatory authorities, municipalities, and federations are supportive of this change and indeed have actively and vociferously encouraged us to hold the event during this period. The dates are now confirmed and we will celebrate the festival in as normal a way as we can.

All entries for the Festival are transferable to the new dates, or if you wish, to other participants, as are all bike rentals from Bike Breaks. Any participant that cannot attend the event will have their entries and/or rentals carried forward indefinitely.

Do please let us know and we will get your booking changed for you.

Look forward to seeing you in October….!

Safe riding to all…

Dave and Saskia

2 thoughts on “2020 Girona Cycling Festival New Dates

  1. sander van Oyen says:

    I can’t attend the event in October, but would like to reschedule for june 2021. Is dat possible?

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