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girona cycle centre location mapCatalunya is located in the north of Spain, with the mountainous Pyrenean border with France to the north and the stunning Costa Brava coast line forming the eastern edge of the area. Geographically it is one of the most diverse regions in Europe where it is possible in winter to ski and on the same day visit the beach. Traditionally the region is a producer of wine and olive oil and contains some of the most beautiful Mediterranean landscapes. The province has a long a rich history and contains some of the best preserved and historically important Roman and Greek ruins in the world. Click on the map for more maps.....


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Catalunya is an autonomous community within the kingdom of Spain and retains its own unique language and culture. It is one of the most affluent regions of Spain and contains excellent public services and infrastructure.

The city of Girona is located in the north of Catalunya in the county or ‘comarca’ of Gironès. The region contains some of the best Catalunya has to offer from the sandy beaches of the bay of Roses to the volcanic mountains of Olot.


Weather in Girona

bike breaks weather in GironaGirona has an excellent climate for all types of sport with high annual temperatures and low rainfall, we have sunshine and blue skies more often than not. For details of the weather and conditions for Cycling in Girona Click Here

Cycling in Girona

Bike breaks carla ryanThe county of Gironès and Girona city have long been associated with cycling. Many professional riders have lived and continue to live in the city, perhaps the most famous Lance Armstrong, made Girona his home and base for many years during his time with the US Postal team.

Currently Girona is the home base for the Garmin Cevelo team and many other teams use the area for their training camps. We work with many of the top riders who live in Girona who help us produce the best training and riding routes.

Australian Pro Cyclist CARLA RYAN who has based herself in Girona for several years says...

"For me, Girona and the Catalonia region is the best place in the world to train. It has so much to offer with various terrain, from mountains to flat. Being an Aussie, I'm a fan of the warmer climate and Girona definitely has a warm summer. Perfect for long days on the bike"

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Whilst well-known for its excellent road cycling Girona is less famous for mountains bike. However the area contains some of the best off road riding in Europe, most of the local riders are mountain bikers with hundreds turning up to race every weekend. The mountain biking here has been a well kept secret with few maps of the single track paths available.

Girona also boasts a 100km long dedicated Greenways cycle path, perfect for more relaxed cycling.

Tourism in Girona

bike tours in hostoric areasThe area has almost limitless options for other sporting activities as well as cultural and tourist possibilities.

Here we have a PGA golf course, the largest sky diving centre in Europe, the Costa Brava coastline offers the chance to try almost every water sport known to man including kayak, diving, snorkel, wind surf, kite surf even just plain old swimming and soaking up the sun from the beach.




girona bike tours cuisineThe area is also well known for its fine food with three restaurants with Michelin stars including the famous El Celler de Can Roca located in Girona itself, and a tradition of healthy Mediterranean cooking.

A World producer and exporter of wine, olives, rice and many other specialities.





girona cycle tours dali Catalunya has a rich and interesting history being the setting for many wars, invasions and conquests over the centuries all of which has left ts mark in the form of beautiful ancient castles and forts scattered over the landscape for you to visit.

And lastly, Catalunya has been the inspiration for many artists over the years including local artist Salvador Dali who left his famous museum as his legacy to the city of Figueres.