Bike Breaks Girona Cycle Centre is an official Cannondale bike hire centre. Our complete range of bikes are supplied by Cannondale and are updated annually. We have a beautiful 2017 selection of high quality road, hybrid and electric bikes that will without doubt allow you to have a positive riding experience in Girona. It is our mission that our clients feel as comfortable as possible on our hire bikes, hence our strong relationship with leading bicycle corporation, Cannondale.

We have a huge range of sizes from our road range and touring bikes and all the associated equipment available.

All hire bikes are highly maintained and checked before and after every ride, ensuring you have a ride ready, problem free bike.

Our Road hire bikes DO NOT come with pedals. If you use clipless pedals please feel free to bring them along and we will fit them to your hire bike.

We recommend that clients reserve their bikes in advance in order to ensure the correct size is available. If you have any questions and/or would like to make a reservation, please click here: (See below for our price list)
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Bike hire includes: helmet, pump, lock, repair kit and water bottle. We also have 15 liter pannier bags and map carriers for use with the hybrid bikes, available.

  • SPD-mtb pedals 5 €;
  • Female seat 10 €;
  • Bike rack 10 € per day;
  • Kid’s seat 10 € per day.


´The world´s fastest carbon bicycle wheels´

Bike Breaks is proud to bring to you Knight Composites carbon cycling wheelsYou now have the option to upgrade your rental to ride these fabulous wheels and feel faster and lighter than ever. Why not treat youself?
Knight has a very good reputation in the cycling industry and we are honoured to have them come on board.

The options available are:

  • 3 5  C L I N C H E R

´Originally conceived as a “climber’s wheel”, the Knight 35 Clincher’s day-to-day versatility and reliability really shine as a high performance choice for a big mountain day, race day, or every day ride´ (KNIGHT)

The perfect wheel for training, climbing and/or racing. Aero and light, the ideal combination to get you up those hills faster!

Price : 10€ a day per set

  • 3 5  C L I N C H E R   D I S C

´Equally at home on gravel road, paved road or on a Cyclocross course, the Knight 35 Disc is our road disc version of the 35 Clincher´ (KNIGHT)

A very all-round performance wheel, highly popular as the growth of road disc bikes continues to boom through the cycling industry!

Price : 15€ a day per set

  • 6 5  C L I N C H E R

´The Knight 65 Clincher is a wide, and aerodynamic road race wheel designed for stable descending and top end acceleration´ (KNIGHT)

This super smooth wheel was designed by Knight to minimize wind steer and create less drag, enabling you to expend less watts and use up your energy when it´s crunch time. We say, speed demon!

Price : 10€ a day per set

Bike rental prices are based on pick-up and return of the bike at our Girona Cycle Centre. We can also bring the bike to you; ask us for our drop-off fees.

GPS rental: 10 € per route. Route guide: 10 € per route. Qualified guide: 150 € per day.

You will find the price list pdf here:


Road Disc

´Smooth and comfortable with excellent handling and performance’
The famous Synapse has been revamped with this model, the  Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc – adding hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano’s excellent Ultegra group set, hereby building on its already strong reputation as an all-round bike. With these additions this bike offers the perfect balance of feel and power. We say, flawless!
1 DAY = 55 €
2 DAYS = 100 €
3 DAYS = 120 €
4 DAYS = 140 €
5 DAYS = 160 €
6 DAYS = 175 €
7 DAYS = 190 €

Road 105

´The ideal road bike for someone looking for comfort, performance, versatility and value in equal measure’
The Synapse Carbon 105 allows the perfect balance between comfort and race position giving you many hours of comfortable ride time and durability to handle all road surfaces. Its lightweight carbon frame adds to its all-round strengths and equipped with Shimano 105 you have the full package. We may be biased but we’d say it could just be the best all-round road bike ever created!
1 DAY = 40 €
2 DAYS = 75 €
3 DAYS = 90 €
4 DAYS = 110 €
5 DAYS = 120 €
6 DAYS = 130 €
7 DAYS = 140 €


´The agility of a road bike with an upright sportive position and versatile tires, Quick Speed is the perfect partner for an unforgettable adventure´

Our Cannondale Quick Speed 2 touring bikes are perfect for cruising through the Catalan countryside, designed for comfortable and relaxed riding. These hybrid bikes come equipped with luggage racks and are ideal for those who prefer to get their cardio in the fun way!

1 DAY = 20 €
2 DAYS = 35 €
3 DAYS = 45 €
4 DAYS = 50 €
5 DAYS = 60 €
6 DAYS = 70 €
7 DAYS = 75 €

Electric bike rental

We now proudly have electric hybrid bikes available to rent. These are power assist bikes and are ideal for cruising around stress free. These must be BOOKED IN ADVANCE. 1 DAY = 27 €
7 DAYS = 120 €




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